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Sodern celebrated its 50th anniversary on November, 26th at the Paris Observatory.

Almost 200 people attended to this warm event : the Head of Strategy of the DGA, Mr Devaux for  the French Defence Procurement Agency, Mr Yannick d'Escatha, President of CNES, the French Space Agency, Mr Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, 1997 Physics Nobel Price, Mr Pierre Dartout, Prefect of the Val-de-Marne, Mr François Auque, CEO of Astrium and Mr Alain Charmeau, the head of Astrium's Space Transportation Business Unit, as well as many other guests representing governmental and commercial Sodern's customers.

 Two videos focusing on Sodern’s history and Sodern’s main business lines and perspectives were presented (please see below).

 Such an event was the opportunity for the guest speakers representing the prime contractors and governmental agencies to heartily congratulate Sodern as a model of efficiency and competitiveness, and to praise its main qualities : cutting edge technologies, innovation and creativity, agility and reactivity.

Sodern Corporate Video


Sodern Historical Video



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