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Neutron systems for Homeland Security and Defense

In the present day high security environment, there is a need for a clear assessment of vulnerabilities in order to strengthen protection against terrorist threats that include explosive, chemical, radiological and nuclear attacks (NRCE). The most effective prevention against such attacks is detection and identification of the threat before it activates. To meet this challenge, SODERN is developing innovative solutions based on advanced neutron technology that can assist security forces in detecting and identifying NRCE threats. Some of these solutions are : explosive detection, land mine detection or chemical weapon identification.

SODERN, the leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art neutron tubes for several decades, has developed a cutting edge “associated particle” (API) tube, created specifically to meet the demanding requirements of Homeland Security. Neutron tubes have been relied on for many years in systems that use neutrons to scan materials to determine its composition. Based upon the gamma rays produced by the interaction with neutrons, these systems accurately determine the material’s chemistry.

SODERN’s API tube uniquely enhances this technology by adding the capability to determine the location of where different chemistries exist within the material analysed, a key requirement in security applications. This is possible thanks to the tube’s directional information from the associated particle detector coupled with the time-of-flight measurement of the neutrons. API makes it possible to automatically determine the hazard level and location of an unidentified object that is, for instance, deliberately concealed in a package with other material surrounding it.

SODERN propose on the shelves products (ULIS, NIPPS) and have the competencies to develop others sensors.

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