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Optical Instrumentation

Optical device

Sodern can custom-design, manufacture and assemble special optical devices and solutions based upon specific customer's requirements.


Sodern is an OEM manufacture of small to middle volume batches of specialized optical products for a variety of applications calling for high end performances : Radiation resistant motorized zooms and periscopes for the nuclear industry, UV lenses for the forensic, industrial and research fields, IR lens and mirror combination for the Defence sector,...

Sodern can design, build and deliver any type of real time test benches as it pertains to spectral emission, scene generation, sensor calibration, wave front analysis in a variety of temperature, pressure, and optical bands setups, including multi-spectral design: Flight simulation projector, Infrared target generation, Infrared Scene generation.

Optical device : Why Sodern ?

Sodern uniquely blends the capability of on-time delivery of OEM production volume with an in-depth kwowledge of cost versus optical performances tradeoffs. Sodern benefits from a large heritage in high technology businesses and can draw upon its highly experienced optical, electronic and mechanical engineering teams, stemming from its broad space heritage and experience. Sodern can set up any industrial, logistic and after sales scheme in order to fully support their customers through long term commitment.  

UV lenses

As Sodern is a SME company (365 staff) belonging to the EADS group (90% ownership), you also benefit from the best of both worlds as Sodern is a versatile and agile entity excelling in optical niche businesses while backed up by a large international group.


Sodern has sold thousands of high quality optoelectronic and mechanical modules all over the world over the past 40 years.


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