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Since the beginning of the 90s, SODERN has been THE specialist in on-line analysers using an electrical neutron source. Over the years, SODERN has developed various ranges of ever more efficient CNAs interfaced with an automatic system to control and improve various mining processes while limiting the CNA's maintenance and ownership costs.

Depending on the use made of the CNA, it can operate for up to 4 years without the need to replace or re-calibrate the electrical neutron source, which has a lifetime of some 12,000 hours. With the On/Off function on the source, the client only pays for the neutrons created "on demand" and is thus not dependent on the decline of a radioactive source. Moreover, in addition to risk-free handling during standard maintenance operations, the electrical neutron source can be stored on site and replaced by the user without any interruption of the production process.

Technical assistance is provided by a team of trained, competent and experienced engineers and technicians based on a platform comprising several remote servicing stations and a fault simulation device. To date, 90% of the problems encountered have been solved remotely through high-performance diagnostic software, guaranteeing optimal use of the CNA.

The wide global coverage of PANalytical guarantees our clients a comprehensive range of services suited to individual needs, as well as optimal technical support by available local teams.

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