Laser Source and Caesium Tube tested in the PHARAO atomic clock Flight Model

The Laser Source and the Caesium Tube designed and fabricated by Sodern are now integrated and tested in the PHARAO atomic clock Flight Model. The accuracy of the clock is being evaluated by CNES and Syrte. PHARAO is estimated to be in the top 10 clocks on Earth for this parameter. The ultimate performances will be known only in zero gravity after tests on the ACES experiment have begun in 2016.

Flight model of Pharao's Laser Source delivered to CNES

In January, Sodern delivered the flight model of Pharao’s Laser Source to CNES. Pharao is a cold atom clock for fundamental research on the ISS, able to reach the ultimate accuracy of 1 second in 300 millions years.

Sodern has already delivered the Caesium Tube flight model, in which atoms are cooled down to a temperature in the µK range. The caesium atoms operations in the tube need 14 accurately stabilized laser signals, made by the so-called “Laser Source”, a complex double side optical bench.



    Sodern will be present at the International Aviation and Space salon MAKS 2013. August 27-29.