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Material Analysers

With more than 40 years of experience in the design and production of neutron tubes and neutron generators, Sodern is the global specialist in neutron analysis systems using an electrical source. Sodern has developed a real-time raw material analysis technology through neutron activation in the cement, coal, minerals and waste industries.

CNA (Cross Belt Analyser)

The CNA is an analyzer that allows to quantify in real time the elementary composition of raw material carried on a conveyor belt. It is used mainly in cement plants but there are also applications in the mining industry (iron ore, nickel or copper ore) and in coal. Installed on the production line, the machine is capable of continuously measuring in real time the elementary composition of the material. Today, more than 70 Sodern CNAs are in service worldwide.


FastGrade™ provides the opportunity for the mining industry to rethink and optimize its ore-based production cycle in real time. In the form of a probe 100 to 150 mm in diameter and 3 meters in length, the analyzer is introduced into boreholes and measures the average composition of the zone as a function of depth. This major information for miners allows them to model the content and therefore the value of their resources, but also to select the areas to which to direct the enrichment operations.


CNA (Cross Belt Analyser)

Tubes à neutrons

Generators & Tubes

Drawing on 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of neutron generation technologies, Sodern is the world market leader. Neutron and neutron generator tubes are fully designed, developed and manufactured in Sodern's facilities. Each year, more than 100 ne utron tubes are built for industrial laboratories and scientific research.


SODERN supplies complete neutron generators, including an accelerator head, a very high voltage power supply, a control unit and suitable software. Neutron generators are mainly used for industrial applications such as quality control of radio drums or for laboratory purposes requiring high reliability and cost effectiveness.

  • Genie 16

  • Genie 35

    Sodern has delivered neutron tubes to more than 40 countries on 4 continents. Built around a vacuum sealed metal and a ceramic enclosure, the Sodern tube encompasses a source of penning ions, a gas reservoir, a VHV accelerator field and a target.

    Sodilog, a specially designed tube for oil drilling, is significantly improved by a unique combination of ceramic technology and an equimolecular loading of deuterium and tritium gases, which also makes it highly resistant to high temperature operations.