Sodern held the Test Review Board of Horus

5 January 2021

Sodern held the Test Review Board of Horus

Sodern held the Test Review Board of Horus

After a successful critical design review close-out in July, during the first national lockdown, Sodern held the Test Review Board of Horus in December.

Horus is an autonomous, innovative, and robust star tracker, using disruptive technologies to combine high performance and competitiveness.

Thanks to its ultra-light baffle, Horus weigh only 1.6 kg versus 2 to 3kg for its predecessor; it uses space grade components, the latest generation FAINSTAR (APS Active Pixel System) detector, and has an exclusion angle that facilitates satellite accommodation. Horus has a lifetime of 15 years in GEO (and more in LEO).
On December 4, 2020, Sodern held the Test Review Board with its first customer Airbus Defence and Space.

Sodern will deliver the Engineering Model (EM) of Horus to Airbus Defence and Space. The delivered EM will be used to validate in particular the ADS platform Interface.
Horus will be embedded on Airbus Defence & Space’s platforms.

The star tracker, available with options, is intended to address large markets, such as telecommunication missions for European, Russian, American and other international platforms.

The Engineering Model has been validated, which will enable the production of the Flight models. Despite the pandemic, we reached our objective.
Horus will be produced on the same production line as Hydra star tracker. Sodern plans to start producing series flight models as soon as 2022.

Horus will complete qualification in 2021 and production will start in early 2022.