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The star tracker specifically designed for small satellites

Auriga is our latest-generation star tracker, specifically designed for small satellites and already setting a record for lightness, volume reduction, and competitiveness.

With a production capacity of 150 units per month, Sodern is able to meet the needs of any customer, while sacrificing nothing for quality. This production rate is unmatched by any other star tracker provider worldwide.

Auriga is extremely innovative in a number of ways : it is a compact (56 x 66x 94 mm3) and lightweight (210g) Star Tracker based on EEE COST components.

Thanks to algorithms inherited from Hydra, Auriga offers excellent robustness for high detector temperature conditions in both acquisition and tracking modes. It offers a 7+ year lifetime in LEO with guaranteed performances to the end of life, reliability being at Auriga’s crux.

Sodern can provide satellite manufacturers with either a centralized or autonomous solution.

-Auriga CP runs its software on the platform's computer and can be embedded into any processor. This approach is well suited to customers seeking power-consumption reductions or in search of economies of scale.
- Auriga SA is connected to its own Electronic Unit. This is an approach suited to customers seeking a plug-and-play solution.

Based on Sodern's strong technological expertise and pioneer spirit, Auriga will be an enabler for any company seeking to launch a constellation of small satellites with a tight schedule, or simply looking for one of the most competitive products on the market.

Auriga Data Sheets