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Our revolutionary neutron logging tool for mining.

FastGrade is an opportunity for the mining sector to rethink and optimize, in real time, its production cycle, based on the ore grade.

Assays from cored and reverse circulating (RC) boreholes or blast hole samples , do not always provide truly representative analyses and are very expensive. However, borehole logging provides in situ elemental analysis, making the use of altered samples no longer necessary. Used for many years in the oil & gas industry, the technology is based on a neutron analytical technic called Pulsed Fast & Thermal Neutron Activation (PFTNA) . This technology explores new dimensions and is going to be a game changer for the mining industry.  

Already endorsed by a leading global resources company

The first units operated in the Pilbara iron ore-mining district, in 2012, when BHP Billiton started PFTNA tool experience with model the FastGradeTM 100 tool.
This tool is primarily aimed at measuring boreholes drilled for exploration and resource estimations. One tool log more than 100 kilometers a year by measuring the numerous 140 mm diameter holes commonly drilled on sites, using reverse circulation drilling. Operators quickly promoted the tool and its immediate benefits.
In 2015, BHP chief executive Andrew MacKenzie reported “BHP has eliminated the need to drill expensive diamond core drillholes for validation of data saving more than US$10 million in 2015 ”
Today, BHP owns a fleet of FG tools that can be used either for resource evaluation or mining bench grade control.

FastGrade neutron logging tool

Cross Belt Analyzers (CNA)

Real-time process control for the mining and cement industries

CNA cross-belt analyzers provide on-line elemental analysis for materials on conveyor belts in the cement, minerals and coal industries. No sampling is required as material is measured in real time on the conveyor belt. They are suitable for tough environments such as underground mines.

For more information, or to request a quote, please check our partner PANalytical's website.

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