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Technologies & sub-assembles

SODERN's expertise in a wide range of technical disciplines has led to the production of outstanding scientific equipment combining cutting-edge technologies in the fields of laser and optics, detection and electronics, Mechanical and thermal engineering.


Cerco UV lenses are designed for intensified video cameras. They offer the best efficiency for capturing UV images with low UV light or as part of high-speed observation. Compared with a standard UV lens, the illumination on the sensitive area of an imager is 3 to 6 times higher.


Sodern has been involved in the development of scrambling windows since the early 1990s with the MERIS instrument onboard ENVISAT. Used for electro-optical instruments and especially spectrometers, the equipment makes it possible to avoid the effect of the polarization of light on the radiometric measurement. Sodern was selected for ESA and Airbus Defense and space for the development of the scrambling window of the Sentinel-4 UV-Visible-NIR spectrometer.


Major installation of the CEA Simulation program, the Megajoule Laser (LMJ) is used to study, on a small scale, the behavior of materials under extreme conditions similar to those encountered during nuclear weapon operation. Sodern supplies the Pockels cells installed in chains on the laser and allows modulating the luminous intensity.