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A modular star tracker with stunning performance

Hydra is a multiple-heads Star Tracker with separate Optical Heads (up to 4) and Electronic Units (up to 2). Available in four versions, it is highly modular to meet our customers' needs.

Hydra's Optical Heads employ Active Pixel Sensors (CMOS), offering improved performances, flexibility, low mass and low power dissipation for an easy accommodation.

Hydra's exceptional robustness is a quantum leap ahead of other products: it can survive high mechanical loads and performs under very harsh conditions (dynamic, protons, stray-light…).

Embedded FDIR functions can autonomously manage any situation and the sensor will always deliver accurate attitude data in operating domains with selectable update rates up to 30Hz.

Its versatility and modularity allows an easy and cost effective adaptation to a wide range of missions.

Hydra is available in four different versions :

- Hydra baseline, suited to all missions, optimized for earth-observation and science missions,
- Hydra-TC, designed for hardened radiation environments,
- Hydra-M, cost-optimized,
- Hydra-CP (centralized), optimized for easy spacecraft accommodation.

Hydra Data Sheets