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About us

We rely on more than 50 years of experience in optronics and neutron technology to develop innovative and competitive solutions for our commercial and institutional customers.

As a subsidiary of the European leader in access to space, ArianeGroup, we are operationally independent. We are also a historical and strategic defence supplier, a characteristic that guarantees us a solid base of industrial activities, thereby affirming durability and reliability.
Our institutional clients' high level of requirements has led us to develop an extraordinary expertise that now benefits stakeholders in space, mining, industry and research. We preserve and enhance this exceptional technological know-how by participating in scientific programmes that push the limits of the state of the art.

Our core business is the series production of star trackers that enable satellites to orient themselves precisely in space, and neutron systems for analysing and detecting materials.

Commited to excellency and competitiveness, we have four missions : we help humanity find its way into space, we use neutrons to save you a lot of time, we are historically committed to the service of defence, and we bring imagination to life by pushing the boundaries of science.

To meet the expectations of changing markets, we set high competitive requirements for ourselves: the implementation of lean management, perfect understanding of our customers' needs, agility and optimisation of production costs are the commitments that allow us to maintain a competitive edge with a very high level of customer satisfaction and to consolidate our position as world leader in several markets.

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